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Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board (GWSSB), established under Gujarat Act No.18 of 1979, for rapid development and proper regulation of water supply and sewerage services in the State of Gujarat. GWSSB (The Board) is committed to ensure sustainable water supply and sanitation services in the State of Gujarat for accomplishing the basic health and hygiene levels leading to Socio-economic Development, Communal harmony and Peace in the society.

WASMO was created for bringing perceptible systemic changes through a paradigm shift in the role of governance from provider to facilitator and citizens engagement in drinking water service delivery at users level in rural areas of Gujarat State. In 1993, the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution created a paradigm shift in the drinking water sector.

Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited (GWIL) is a registered company of Govt. of Gujarat. The registered office is situated in Gandhinagar in the state of Gujarat. Our Mission is to establish bulk water pipe grid based on Narmada water in Gujarat state for satisfying water needs of Gujarat state through bulk supply for the growth of Gujarat.

Total Pumping

    • LEVEL 1 :296
    • LEVEL 2 :97
    • LEVEL 3 :557
  • GWIL
    • Total :48

1916 Complaint Status Graph Date : 01-04-2017 To 04-12-2023